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Palm Beach Backyard Family Session | Zimmer Family

People often ask me “You are a wedding photographer. Do you still work with families and newborns?”

My answer is YES! And this is the reason. Look at this adorable family! I love my SLP families so much.

I’ve been photographing this family since the little one was very little. I still remember the day I met them for the first time. It was a sunrise session at the Clock tower by Worth avenue. They showed up in their beautiful outfits and the girls were absolutely adorable.

Since then, I’ve been capturing their family sessions and this year is 4th year doing the family photos together. They invited me to their lovely home in West Palm Beach and I got to capture their laughs, smiles and snuggles in their beautiful home!

I love my SLP families as much as I love my beautiful couples and weddings. I love seeing my clients’ smiles every year, love catching up with them and chatting about how fast our kiddos are growing up every year.

It was so great seeing Zimmer family and I’m so blessed to have great clients like them!

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