Why sunrise session at the Worth Avenue? | Jen + Thomas Worth Avenue Engagement Photos | Palm Beach Island Wedding Photographer

Palm Beach Island is one of my absolute favorite locations for an engagement session. The “iconic” clock tower, beautiful buildings which remind me of Europe, gorgeous landscape, beautiful flowers everywhere… Palm Beach Island is absolutely stunning!

I’ve done many sessions in Palm Beach and whenever my couples would like to do a session there, I ALWAYS recommend a sunrise session. Here are the reasons WHY!

  1. Tourists

Palm Beach Island is one of very popular spots for tourists. There are so many shops, restaurants, beaches, you name it! We are normally taking photos in front of beautiful buildings, historical landmarks, beaches and there are SO many people everywhere. During sunrise, there are less people and cars and we will get lucky taking photos at the clock tower without anyone intruppting us! 🙂

2. Better luck with rain!

If you are from Florida, we all know FL weather is not predictable. It’s sunny at 4:00p and down pouring at 4:02pm. I’ve noticed that sunrise usually gets better luck with the weather than sunset.

3. You want a beach session? Sunrise it is!

Many of my couples like to spend a little bit on the beach before heading to other locations. If you want beautfiul beach photos, sunrise is a better option as we are on the East coast. You will get that beautiful sunrise lighting and the beach in the background!

I hope this helps you to plan your beautiful engagement session! 🙂 XO,

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